New Music Monday - Week of 07.22.19

Thanks for checking out the first ever New Music Monday! Every week we want to let you know about new music we’ve just added here on Hope Radio - some of these are new songs you’ll hear throughout the week, while others might be songs that we just added to one of our diverse group of countdowns on Fridays and Saturdays. Here’s what’s new to 97.1FM:

New to Our Rotation

“I still believe You are greater
I still believe You're in control
I still believe You're my healer
Jesus, You're faithful always”

The 180remix Countdown

Last Saturday night was full of new music! We saw three new songs added to the 180remix Countdown, although the first two had previously debuted on other countdowns:

“Every little thing is gonna be alright
Every little thing is gonna be just fine
Whether I can see it now
I know You will work it out for good
Every little thing, everything will be alright”

“I was a dead man walking
Until I was a man walking with You
I was a blind man falling
'Til I felt the life You're calling me to
Pulling me out of the darkness and
Pulling me out of the lies
Putting the beat in my heart again
I was a dead man walking
Until You loved this dead man walking back to life”

“Even if the drum stops beating
My soul will keep on singing
Even louder, even louder
Even when my eyes can't see it
I will sing 'til I believe it
Even louder, even louder”

The Stronghold

New music on KCMI’s Christian rock countdown is coming from Relentless Flood!

“So I fall to my knees
Crying Lord won’t you please
Set me free, set me free
God I give You all of me
Take this heart and make it clean
Set me free, set me free”