Welcome to Hope Radio's New Blog!

Thank you for checking out KCMI’s new blog, one of the many exciting changes that have come to kcmifm.com! We hope you like our newly redesigned website and make the most of all of its great new features. Although there’s lots to see on our new site, I’m personally most excited about Hope Radio’s new blog - in the upcoming weeks, you’ll be able to come to this page to learn more about new music we’ve added to our rotation, the latest info on your favorite Hope Radio artists, and what’s new in Cross Reference Library! On top of that, you’ll also get to hear KCMI staff members share about the ministry and what’s on their heart. We hope you’ll check back regularly for new updates; another easy way to keep up with the blog is via our Facebook page, where we’ll be sharing new blog posts as soon as they come out. Thank you for listening to and supporting 97.1FM Hope Radio!