I believe in Christian radio. I want to continue to help as long as I can. God has blessed me and I want to bless you. I am thoroughly enjoying Turning Point with David Jeremiah preaching about Joseph. Thank you for your ministry. God bless you richly. D.M.

Many thanks and appreciation for the music, message and ministry you provide in our area for Christ, for salvation of those searching and encouragement for all! R&D B

Good day! I live far away from you in Belarus, but in spite of that I know about you and regularly listen with my family to your station on the Internet for several years. Have a nice day! Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

I have started listening to KCMI and I love your station!! So refreshing, varied, and personal. Thank you! L.B.


I love music. I think that music is the one of most important things in our life.
One day I've heard your radio station, you have a great variety of fine songs and useful programs.
Needless to say, that I continue to listening your radio station through the internet. 
With sincerity I want to say that you are one of the best! Ukraine

God bless you for the ministry you provide! Peace in Christ, S.W.

We appreciate all you do! L.B.

Gary, Russ & Crew of the station.

Just a quick note of thanks and appreciation for the live remote. Russ did a wonderful job asking the right questions to be able to get our answers out on the airways!! We’ve had a couple people who heard you on the radio!! P.V.V.&S