What's New at Cross Reference Library - Week of 07/25/19

We’ve got a great new batch of books for you to check out at Cross Reference Library! Stop by the KCMI studio building at 209 East 15th Street in Scottsbluff and take a look at some the thousands of books, audiobooks and DVDs that could brighten your day.

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The Inn at Eagle Hill, a three book collection by Suzanne Woods Fisher, includes The Letters, The Calling, and The Revealing. When widow Rose Schrock turns her Amish farmhouse into a bed and breakfast, she expects there might be some hiccups. What she doesn’t expect is that the guests at the Inn at Eagle Hill will spill their problems into her life and into her heart. Love, Rose discovers, can bloom in the most unexpected ways.

Fasting by Jentezen Franklin explains how you can access the power of Biblical fasting and transform your life! Experience for yourself the deeper, stronger relationship with God that only comes through prayer and fasting. Once you’ve experienced even a glimpse of this and the countless rewards and blessings that follow, it changes your entire perspective.

Are you Rapture ready? Considering the times in which we live, there can be no question of greater significance. In Are You Rapture Ready?, authors Todd Strandberg and Terry James have carefully scrutinized the Scriptures as well as sifted through the latest trends and philosophies to bring you a compelling and thorough examination of this fascinating and controversial biblical theme.

Where does all the time go? If you’ve been asking yourself this lately, 500+ Time Saving Hints for Women by bestselling author Emilie Barnes provides a way of escape for you with proven, sanity-saving tips. Five hundred fabulous ideas - and then some - will give you the tools to declutter all areas of your home and office, begin each day with a head start, clean efficiently and effectively, and more!

Family Patterns, a Patchwork Mysteries novel - Sarah Hart couldn’t be happier. Her son Jason is moving home to Maple Hill with his wife and twin daughters, and he’s bought the Victorian house that once belonged to Sarah’s grandfather Noah Drayton. Noah’s life was cloaked in mystery: his wife Molly disappeared without a trace a century ago. Noah was always the prime suspect, and though Sarah knows her grandfather was innocent, no one ever learned the truth. But when Sarah’s granddaughters uncover a forgotten passageway in their old house, they also find an antique quilt with a hidden message - and the only clue to the disappearance of Molly Drayton.

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Devil on the Deck by Lois Hoadley Dick is a rugged, rollicking adventure about God’s amazing grace. John Newton, an able bodied seaman, knew well the life on the high seas – a life far removed from culture, civilization, and decency. It was a world where men were tough, and often crude and vile – where religion was only a formal prayer read by the captain on Sunday and where the Christian ideal was scorned. Yet this was where God’s merciful hand was at work in a sinful young man’s life.

In A Stranger for Christmas by Carol Lynn Pearson, two old ladies face a lonely Christmas in a California nursing home. One of them still believes in the goodness of people, and now she intends to prove it with a phone call to her children. As these two women put the true meaning of Christmas to the test, something completely unexpected happens. It may change their lives forever… just as it may change yours.

Author Bill Crowder invites you to join him in tracing Christ’s final hours walking with Him on The Path of His Passion, and come to a greater appreciation for the journey He took for you. As the author draws out the valuable lessons Christ taught along the way, he will encourage you to be more determined than ever to embrace the cross that Christ embraced for you.

Have the events of the Savior’s passion become overly familiar to you? See the death and resurrection of Christ through the eyes of those who were there! You can get a fresh perspective on the Easter story by reading Windows on Easter by Bill Crowder and looking through the “windows” of some of the people who were there: Malchus, Judas Iscariot, the centurion, Joseph of Arimathea, the women disciples, and the disciples on the Emmaus Road. As you see what these witnesses saw and feel what they felt, you will learn the life-transforming lessons that they learned.

I Am A Church Member by Thom S. Rainer seeks to remedy the outbreak of inactive or barely committed church members. It addresses - without apology - what is expected of those who join a body of believers. When a person's attitude is consistently biblical and healthy, matters of giving, serving, and so forth will fall into place more naturally and Rainer's practical work unpacks what that should look like.

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Food & Faith, a spiritual growth mission study by Wendy Whiteside, is about how faith is nurtured, strengthened, and enhanced by food. It is also about all the ways food touches our lives. This study explores the ways food creates community, offers hospitality to strangers, and expands one’s concept of “neighbor”. The rituals of feasting and fasting remind us of our need for God. Above all Holy Communion, our most profound sacrament, is food.

Are you parenting like a professional? You can apply the same techniques of efficiency, intention, and purpose that you’ve used in other careers to your most important position in life – motherhood. Steady Days by Jamie C. Martin takes you through the process of becoming a professional mother: one who is organized and excited to spend time with your young children. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by a lack of direction in your parenting, this book containing 40 short, manageable chapters can help.

500+ Time Saving Hints for Every Woman by Emile Barnes – So nice we accidentally featured it twice! See above.

Imagine a world where people loved each other. What would it look like? How would people behave towards one another? In Ten: Living the Ten Commandments in the 21st Century, J. John explores an ancient code of behavior that provides a window on life as it should be – life as it could be – where respect for others and for God determines everything we do. The name that code normally goes by is the Ten Commandments, but be prepared for a few surprises.

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Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof engages your family in a bigger story, a story that involves more than just your family – one that involves other influences who are on a journey to discover why a relationship with God really matters. This isn’t a self-help book, it’s a get-help book. It’s about how you can increase your parenting capacity by connecting with available resources, some of which you know about and some you might not.

Ron L. Deal explodes the myth of the blended family in The Smart Step-Family as he provides practical, realistic solutions to the issues that step-families face. He helps remarried and soon-to-be married couples recognize unique personality traits in each family member, solve everyday puzzles of step-parent/step-child relationships, honor families of origin while developing new traditions, and more!

Help your children be smart with their smarts! At one time or another, most kids will ask – or secretly wonder – am I smart? But the better question is How Am I Smart? Dr. Kathy Koch’s down-to-earth and practical guide to the theory of multiple intelligences helps parents and teachers discern and develop their children’s unique wiring.

The Sticky Faith Guide for Your Family by Dr. Kara E. Powell arises from the innovative, research-based and extensively field-tested project known as Sticky Faith, borne out of the Fuller Youth Institute’s seven years of research with more than 500 young people, 150 churches, and 50 families. With more than 100 ideas from other parents that you can try today, this positive and practical book will empower you and give you hope with proven tools and the inspiration you need to build a faith that sticks in your children and teenagers.

Build up your money muscles with America’s favorite finance coach Dave Ramsey and his book Total Money Makeover! By now you’ve heard all the nutty get-rich-quick schemes and the fiscal diet fads that leave you with a lot of kooky ideas but not a penny in your pocket. If you’re sick and tired of false promises, the Total Money Makeover is the simplest, most straight-forward game plan for completely making over your money habits. And it’s based on results, not pie-in-the-sky fantasies. You’ll be exercising your financial strength every day and quickly freeing yourself of worry, stress, and debt – and that’s a beautiful feeling.

These are just some of the great new items we’re adding to the library! Check back next week for DVD’s, kids items, and more books you can find at Cross Reference Library, 209 East 15th Street in Scottsbluff, NE!