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New Music Tuesday - Pat Barrett's New Single, John Tibbs and Ellie Holcomb Collaborate

On this New Music Tuesday (sorry about that!), we’ve got great new songs from some KCMI mainstays! Pat Barrett has released Better, the latest single off of his self-titled debut album which dropped last year. John Tibbs and Ellie Holcomb’s collaboration Dead Man Walking is also being added to our rotation this week - be sure to watch John share the story behind that song in the video below. And last week’s 180remix Countdown featured Hope, the debut single from new artist Emily Brimlow. Check out all of the latest music on Hope Radio KCMI!

new to our rotation

“Your love is better than life
You are the well that won't run dry
I have tasted and I have seen
Oh, You are better than all these things”

“Your love, Your love, it set me free
Oh no guilt, no shame, got a hold on me
Your love, Your love, it opened my eyes
I was a dead man walking 'til Lord”

The 180remix Countdown

“So I lift my hands to the God that guides me
To the one that finds me
Even in my darkest days he walks beside me
Singing songs of freedom
Always singing songs of life”