New Music Monday

New Music Tuesday - Pat Barrett's New Single, John Tibbs and Ellie Holcomb Collaborate

On this New Music Tuesday (sorry about that!), we’ve got great new songs from some KCMI mainstays! Pat Barrett has released Better, the latest single off of his self-titled debut album which dropped last year. John Tibbs and Ellie Holcomb’s collaboration Dead Man Walking is also being added to our rotation this week - be sure to watch John share the story behind that song in the video below. And last week’s 180remix Countdown featured Hope, the debut single from new artist Emily Brimlow. Check out all of the latest music on Hope Radio KCMI!

new to our rotation

“Your love is better than life
You are the well that won't run dry
I have tasted and I have seen
Oh, You are better than all these things”

“Your love, Your love, it set me free
Oh no guilt, no shame, got a hold on me
Your love, Your love, it opened my eyes
I was a dead man walking 'til Lord”

The 180remix Countdown

“So I lift my hands to the God that guides me
To the one that finds me
Even in my darkest days he walks beside me
Singing songs of freedom
Always singing songs of life”

New Music Monday - Tenth Avenue North Returns + The Latest From Riley Clemmons and Caitie Hurst

This week we’re adding two great new songs to our rotation - Greater Than All My Regrets, the big new single from Tenth Avenue North off of their new album No Shame, and a lighter tune from Riley Clemmons called Fighting for Me, who made a splashy debut last year on the Christian contemporary charts with her pop hit Broken Prayers. We also saw a remix of Danny Gokey’s song Haven’t Seen It Yet debut on the 180remix Countdown along with two new songs, plus a new rock entry on The Stronghold from up-and-coming Tooth and Nail band Paradise Now.

New to our rotation

“So if I fall and if I fail
I will trust Your mercy is
Greater than all of this
And if I bend and if I break
I'll trust the hands that hold me are
Greater than all my regrets”

“You will never stop fighting for me
When I can't fight for myself
Every word is a promise You keep
Cause You love me like nobody else
You stand up for me
In the darkest night
When my faith is weak
You're still by my side
You will never stop fighting for me”

The 180remix countdown

“It's like the brightest sunrise
Waiting on the other side of the darkest night
Don't ever lose hope, hold on and believe
Maybe you just haven't seen it, just haven't seen it yet
You're closer than you think you are
Only moments from the break of dawn
All His promises are just up ahead
Maybe you just haven't seen it, just haven't seen it yet”

“When You call my name
You don't want someone else
You don't make mistakes
I can be myself
Every step of faith
take 'em one by one
As You're doing all the things
I thought could not be done”

“You’re perfect in all Your ways
In all Your ways
I give You the praise
God You’re perfect”

the stronghold

“Can You hold me down
Don’t let me up to breathe
You gotta save me now
I need You now to baptize me
Can You hold me down
Till my blood runs clean
You gotta save me now
Will You baptize me”

New Music Monday - Zach Williams’ Big Followup, plus Rend Collective, Stars Go Dim & Greg Sykes

It’s a busy and exciting New Music Monday! You’re going to be hearing a lot of new music on KCMI in the next few weeks, including big followups from some of your favorite artists! After his hit debut album Chain Breaker (which received Gold certification and spawned record breaking songs Chain Breaker and Old Church Choir) and a successful live album recorded at Harding Prison, Zach Williams is finally releasing the debut single off of his followup album, which are both titled Rescue Story. Rend Collective has also released a new single called Your Name is Power, which actually doesn’t have an album to call home yet - but they are releasing a new kids album called Sparkle. Pop. Rampage. on August 30th. That’s just the tip of the iceberg this week, be sure to check out all of the great new music you can hear on Hope Radio 97.1FM!

(FYI - You can listen to any of the new songs featured below by clicking the album artwork or the title/artist!)

New to Our Rotation

“You were the voice in the desert
Calling me out in the dead of night
Fighting my battles for me
You are my rescue story
Lifted me up from the ashes
Carried my soul from death to life
Bringing me from glory to glory
You are my rescue story”

“Your name is power over darkness
Freedom for the captives
Mercy for the broken and the hopeless
Your name is faithful in the battle
Glory in the struggle
Mighty it won't let us down or fail us
Your name is power”

“You know me as honest,
You know me as good
You know me the way that I wish I could
You know me worthy
You know me love
You know me better”

“You are the Life
You are the Way
You are the Word that will remain from age to age
You’re absolute
The only God You stand alone
You are the Truth”

the 180remix countdown

“Remind me
You are all that I need
And You are everything
And You are always with me
Even in my darkest hour
You remind me of Your love and Your faithfulness
You love me every way till I won't forget
It's true, whenever I need it
You're there to remind me”

“Grab me by my hand and I felt the spirit movin' my heart
Said I'll live again and that all I did is nailed to the cross
I could never estimate the price you pay
to forgive my fault then
I said Lord I could not repay this
He said Boy you gonna have to face it“

The Stronghold

“Into the night
You killed my pain inside
Into the night
You brought me back to life
I was lost but now I see
You've unblinded me
Into the night”

New Music Monday - Lauren Daigle, Josh Baldwin, and more!

This past week we added a wide variety of music to our countdowns and overall music rotation, but by far the biggest addition was Lauren Daigle’s Rescue. This latest single is sure to be another success in a string of radio hits from Lauren Daigle’s latest album Look Up Child, which recently set the record for most weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart. Her record 39 weeks at #1 dethroned Switchfoot’s album The Beautiful Letdown, which stayed atop the chart for 38 weeks in 2004-2005. With over 900,000 albums sold, Look Up Child is approaching platinum certification.

New to our rotation

“I will send out an army to find you
In the middle of the darkest night
It's true, I will rescue you
I will never stop marching to reach you
In the middle of the hardest fight
It's true, I will rescue you”

“So let the redeemed of the Lord say so
Sing of His promises ever more
Pour out your thankfulness, let it overflow
Let the redeemed of the Lord say so”

The 180remix Countdown

“Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win
You gotta get up, up again
Keep holding on, it's not the end
You gotta get up, up again”

“Wake up in the morning, gotta thank the Lord
Oh you still breathing? Gotta thank the Lord
Hands in the sky, gotta thank the Lord
Even when it's bad, imma thank the Lord”

The Stronghold

“My life was beaten and battered with no meaning
Barely breathing, falling to pieces
Stepped in the ring to face the hate
That’s when I heard a voice say
You will know my name
One life, one love, that’s all I really needed
One life, one love, thank you Jesus”