Madaline Garcia

New Music Monday - Jamie Kimmett, Jordan Feliz and New Countdown Hits

This week we’ve added Burdens, the second single from Jamie Kimmett and his debut EP Prize Worth Fighting For, along with the latest single from Jordan Feliz called Faith. We’ve also got a great batch of songs debuting on our Saturday night countdowns, including I Am They’s new song Not Impossible With You and the latest pop and hip hop singles from KB, Koryn Hawthorne and new artist Madaline Garcia. Take a listen to all of the latest music on Hope Radio KCMI!

New To Our Rotation

“It's light for the shadows, for all your tomorrows
It's knowing He's there through the sun and the rain
It's when you believe it, before you can see it
And you can walk on 'cause He's making the way
Just gotta have some faith”

“Come and lay your burdens down
To the place where freedom is found
At the feet, at the feet of Jesus
Come and lay your burdens down”

The Top 25 Contemporary Christian Countdown

“There's no heart You can't rescue
No war You can't win
No story so over, it can't start again
No pain You won't use
No wall You won't break through
It might be too much for me
But there is no impossible with You”

The 180remix Countdown

“You're making me a fighter, a fighter
You're taking me higher, higher
You're giving me the strength I need to believe
Life is worth living 'cause You love me
And that’s enough”

“You make me a warrior, warrior
You make me victorious, victorious
All things are possible
With You I’m unstoppable
You make me, yeah, a warrior”

“And if I get to spitting and never pack out the venues
The Father packed out my vision no matter where my fans go
And I just get to speaking about the way my faith goes
I'm thinking about, I'm dreaming about the way my faith flows”