Elevation Rhythm

New Music Monday - Laura Kazcor + New Artists Shane Schauer, Landers Music Co. and Elevation Rhythm

This week we’re adding new music from some new and returning artists to our rotation, plus a new song from a new offshoot of Elevation Worship called Elevation Rhythm. Click on the album artwork or titles to hear these new songs!

New to our rotation

“But You know, You know
All I need is trust to follow
And I’ll go, I’ll go
Walk with you into tomorrow
You know, you know, you know”

“Then Your love, then Your love
Then Your love came rushing in
Like a flood, like a flood
Like a flood of healing
And here I am, Lord
In my weakness, in my desperation
I feel Your love, I feel Your love
I feel Your love come rushing in now”

“So I am gonna sing
Until my lungs give out
I will keep believing
Til the walls come down
You are never shaken
By my waves of doubt
So I will put my faith In Your unfailing power, God”

the 180remix countdown

“I know when the fight comes
Imma keep my head up, hey
You won't let me down, let me down
With me in the middle
Middle of my battle, hey
You will never be the one to walk away”