Testimonial 16

Gary, Russ and Crew of the station,

Just a quick note of thanks and appreciation for the live remote. Russ did a wonderful job asking the right questions to be able to get our answers out on the airways!! We’ve had a couple of people who heard you on the radio!!

Platte Valley Vac & Sew

Testimonial 10

“Dear KCMI staff,

I don’t know how many people this radio station has touched, but I imagine it must have caused many heads to bow in prayer, many hearts to lift in song and placed many stories in the hearts of kiddos, because I am only one person and I remember all these things in my life as a result of KCMI. Thanks for sending God’s love over the radio waves! Thanks for doing Isaiah 52:7.”

- M.P.

Testimonial 8

“KCMI Staff,

We want to thank you for the privilege of sharing about our blog and ideas about prayer. We appreciate everyone being so welcoming and helpful, and have had a good response on facebook from people who listened to Russ’ interview with us. Thanks again.”

- E.S. & A. & N. B.

Testimonial 7

“Dearest KCMI,

I pray this letter finds each of you well and your ministry thriving. Every time I tune into KCMI, I am always blessed by the Biblical teachings, praising songs and friendly hosts that bring wisdom, smiles and treasured memories of my amazing experiences with the station.”

- C.P.

Testimonial 4

“Dear ones at KCMI,

Your ministry is a huge blessing to our community. It’s not just the quality content you’re broadcasting, although that is quite significant. It is also all the ways you encourage and support our local Christian community. By hosting the VHSA library, inviting local ministries to the Coffee Break, or just the encouragement, support and prayer one encounters every time they stop by the office. God has blessed me through you.”

- L.L.